Saturday, December 3, 2011

The "FUCK I'M HUGE!" collection...

Yep, it's happened again.

I was standing in the bathroom last night and it hit me.

That moment when all of a sudden your bump goes from being a nice little bump, to a nice townhouse complex strapped to your back.

And the realisation sinks in that you're going to be pushing said housing estate, in the not-too-distant future, OUT OF YOUR WHIZZER.

And there's still 6 WEEKS MORE TO GROW.

Oh crap.

Yep freaking HUGE from every angle.

Hold the cupcakes.

They're not so cute anymore, and this baby doesn't need any more encouragement.

He's doing AOK as it is.


  1. Bec, you are so NOT huge. You are tiny, with a bump! God you should have seen how big my bum and thighs got, and I didn't have a big bump either! I would keep going on the cupcakes, you look great!

  2. Thank-you Maddi! You are way too kind, but you really shouldn't encourage my 3-a-day cupcake habit. It's getting completely out of control! My crapola iPhone photos haven't captured my hidden-by-the-sink bum and thighs which have gone up 2 dress sizes too! Ah the joys of pregnancy! Thank god it's more than worth it in the end. xx

  3. Ba ha ha ha ha ha - I'm due on the 14th Jan and I AM HUGE. I had a lady yell at me across the shopping centre yesterday "OH MY GOD LOOK AT THE SIZE OF YOUR BELLY!" Thank you random stranger.

    You look gorgeous.

  4. Don't you love it when random strangers comment freely on your body size!! Just lovely.

    Ooh we might be contracting together I'm due Jan 16th!

    I bet you look gorgeous Alex, your body would definitely know how to look good pregnant! xxx

  5. not huge. I just had to go get another bra to hold my mammoth bosom. 20EE! For Eek!

    Still 8 more weeks to go. Than god the stretch marks haven't showed yet, thank you cocoa butter.

    You look adorable. So NOT huge! Xx

  6. Dee only 8 weeks left! (although I know it still feels like ages)

    I only have stretch marks on my bum, so I guess I'm thankful as lord knows noone needs to see that.

    And it sounds like you've got excellent equipment for breastfeeding later!

    I bet you are positively glowing. xxx

  7. When pregnet with my 2nd daughter, strangers would come up and say "oh twins!" My MIL was convinced that I was having twins, just one was hiding. My daughter weiged 7p 14oz. No hiding babies!

    When doing grocery shopping, a check out lady asked if I was having twins. I stood there open mouthed not knowing what to say, probably because I had just encountered the same thing 20+ times through out the shop! I just mumbled, "yeah, something like that" haha.